Solo Quilt v4.0

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Ultralight synthetic outdoor quilt – ideal for the long haul with cold and/or wet weather conditions

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Designed by hikers in the Himalayas

  • It’s ultralight, compact and versatile.
  • Tried and tested in cold and wet conditions, the innovative hybrid design lets you manage ventilation when things in your tent start to heat up.
  • Designed to let you spread out and let you sleep in any sleeping position, ideal for side sleepers
  • Available in 2 comfort temperature ratings (25°F / -4°C and 10°F / -12°C)  and 3 size options (S, M, L).
  • Washable and easy-drying.

The Blue Bolt solo quilt is a sleeping system made from cutting edge Climashield® APEX insulation with an outer bivy shell and a vapor-barrier inner lining that prevent internal condensation, keeping insulation dry.


Efficient design with high performance materials

Blue Bolt Solo Quilt offers tested and proven improved cold and wet weather sleeping bag performance for better sleep outdoors.

It is made with:

  • a weather-proof, bivy-like outer shell,
  • a vapor barrier liner (vbl) and
  • the innovative Climashield®APEX insulation.

Using these materials, the insulation is protected from moisture and windchill, and your quilt maintains its thermal performance – keeping you warm and comfortable wherever you are, whatever the weather.


Sleep in any position you want

With the Solo Quilt, you can sleep on your back, on your side or any way you want.

The Solo Quilt hood has an extra length that extends beyond the shoulders and neck, and the simple contour design makes it easy to wrap the quilt around your body or head. It keeps out drafts and allows you to comfortably cover your head no matter how you sleep.


Can be used as a blanket to wrap around when just sitting out at your campsite

Remove the central zipper and use to to wrap around, easily put it on or hang it on your lap, so it’s also useful even when you’re not yet going to sleeping but want a soft warm layer to snuggle in, before calling it a night.

Restful sleep

Pad attachment system

Attach the elastic webbing (included) to the sleeping pad. This is useful when the tent is not used when the wind is strong. It helps keep your sleeping system together.


Rectangular foot box with zippers by your feet

Equipped with a zipper by the feet, to provide ventilation for camping in warmer days.

Easy care

Easy to wash and quick-drying

  • Machine wash or hand wash using a neutral detergent.
  • Do not dry clean!
  • Tumble dry or hang dry under the sun ☀
Field tested

Tested in the Himalayas

Blue Bolt’s ambassador Peter Van Geit first used the Solo Quilt v1 in 2019 for a 3000 km trek across 120 Himalayan passes over 4 months.

“One of the best items in my minimalist gear set this year!”

Peter Van Geit, Ultra runner and Alpinist

The Designer

Blue Bolt

Blue Bolt is India’s first ultralight outdoor gear manufacturer making advanced gear for fast hiking and mountaineering in the Himalayas. Founded and directed by Huzefa Siamwala, the mission is simply to create very best outdoor gear products which will add help with lightening the backpack weight and perform reliable in extreme weather conditions.

Material and Construction

Outer shell

Windproof, Water resistant Bivy Shell

10D ripstop outer shell that is durable, windproof and incredibly water-resistant. Fancy sleeping out the open under the clear skies or under a tarp? You can, without worrying about feeling the wind chill or getting your bag wet.

The strong water resistant outer layer mean the insulation will remain protected and the droplets will float off if the bag is exposed to drizzle or if you spill some water on it.


Continuous filament insulation technology

Innovative synthetic insulation that’s cruelty-free. Climashield® APEX insulation offer superior insulating and quick-drying performance in wet conditions compared to goose or duck down. No clumping, no cold spots. No feathered friends harmed to keep you warm.


Vapor barrier technology

10D non-breathable liner (vbl) with breathable draft stopper to prevent that dreaded clamminess feeling. Hike in the wet, humid and freezing cold conditions found in places like Alaska, the PNW, Scandinavia and the Himalayas – and be confident that you’ll get a good night sleep.

Finest workmanship

Every detail matters

We take pride in making beautifully hand-crafted high quality product.

  • Sewing is done carefully by fine skilled tailors with high level of attention to every small detail.
  • We use only the best quality components from the some of the best companies in the world. Insulation comes from Climashield, fabric is custom made, zippers come from YKK, thread from Gutterman, needles from Groz Bekhert, elastic from Spica.
  • Smallest size 9 needles are used to ensure that the needles holes are as tiny as possible.
  • Poly core industrial thread for strong, long lasting and even seams.

Technical Specs

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Solo Quilt sizing guide

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Solo Quilt Technical Specs

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Solo Quilt, it’s doing its job

Solo Quilt is warm, cozy and rested. Draft free. Versatile. Quite Light .
I use it with a Neoair Xtherm wide, under 0° temps are just fine with this setup.
Can be stuffed for long periods without harming the insulating properties.

Anne Mathias
A winner even in harsh Himalayan winters.

I had my quilt custom made for - 20°C. I used it for a high altitude Himalayan winter climb this January and it fared well even at - 30°C at 5200mts at Mentok Kangri during winter with me having on my down jacket in it too. The hood on top really makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and trapping in body heat. The best part of it being made of synthetic materials is that even in winter time use where the worst problem a mountaineer faces is condensation and their sleeping bags getting damp, this quilt doesn't absorb water or moisture and get damp. The material dries up quickly. I've also used it in summer time camping as a regular blanket over me since I didn't require a - 20°C sleeping system and it fared well with such alternate use too. It's volume compactibility and light weight makes it a good choice for alpine climbs and regular camping. The best part I liked about Blue Bolts terms of service and customisation is that they even give you the option to add in a zip with a little extra added weight to your quilt if you really do feel you'd like it to function exactly as a sleeping bag does.

Kelly Looney
Really innovative synthetic quilt at a good price!

I have top-of-the-line down quilts (Katabatic and Feathered Friends) and sleepIng bags and I find the Blue Bolt Gear Custom Solo stacks up with them well on warmth and workmanship and surpasses them on several features simply not found in other outdoor sleeping systems.

The materials used and the unique VBL they have developed create something that stands out in the market. After several nights in the quilt I can confirm the VBL does not create a sweaty or clammy sensation and both inner and outer material are pleasing to touch and not quite like other offerings. I know of no other quilt with a hood either.

I think I have fount the perfect match for the cold and wet Pacific Northwest,

Ultralight innovation

During a winter 10-day expedition to the mountains of Swedish-Norwegian Lapland, I tested the custom-made Solo Quilt with a comfort temperature of -12 ° C.
What can I say: a really high quality product! Many innovative features in an ultralight and really economic product for what it offers.

Josh S.
Amazing quilt for my needs.

I'm in the Northeastern U.S. where it's often too humid or raining too much and I got sick of dealing with wet down so I started looking at synthetic bags and settled on this one after talking with the owner. I've only had it for about a month in winter here, but I've had the chance to use it on 3 weekend trips in night temperatures ranging from 23° (f) to 49° (f) and it's kept me warm, with a few layers when it was below freezing. The insulation was even throughout the quilt and there were never any cold spots, even if I soaked the footbox from condensation from the inside of my tent, and it if did get wet overnight it was dry very quickly, usually before I finished breakfast and packing up.

The draft collar/stopper worked very well, it's very wide and easy to keep tucked under myself even if I'm rolling around below freezing. I ordered a wide one so that me and my dog could fit if she gets cold and he made it perfectly for the two of us, the footbox is normal and the torso is extra wide so Sadie can curl up under it. I was very impressed with the stitching, I have not found a single loose thread or any missed stitches (or down feathers escaping) something I consistently dealt with my other sleeping bags. Weight came out to 25.5 oz.

It's my new favorite pieces of gear, can't wait to take it on some longer trips.


What is a quilt? What is the difference of between that and a sleeping bag?

A quilt is a sleeping bag without the insulation on the back. The idea is – by taking away this least effective section of a traditional sleeping bag, you get an efficient, lightweight, comfortable and versatile backpacking “blanket.” Because a quilt doesn’t wrap completely around you, it feels more like the typical blanket you use at home, allowing you to sleep the way that works for you – on your back, on your sides, or on your stomach.  

Without a hood like a traditional sleeping bag, how do I keep my head warm with a quilt?

The traditional sleeping bag does its job well if you’re a back sleeper but if you are like a rotisserie when you sleep, you may flip over during the night and end up face down in the hood. 

Our Solo Quilt has a hood – extra length which extends past the neck section of typical quilts. And with its simple contoured design, it is easy to wrap the quilt around the body and over the head. It reduces drafts from coming in and allows you to cover your head comfortably whichever way you sleep.

How do you avoid drafts from coming in when using a quilt?

Our Solo Quilt has a strip of non-insulated breathable fabric sewn around its edges. Its purpose is to close off any accidental gaps that will cause the warmth from coming out. 

You can tuck the draft stopper under you to create a cozy cocoon of warmth that is free of drafts or you can let it just lay out on the sides for easy ventilation when it gets too warm. The draft stopper and the hood work together to create a cozy cocoon of warmth that is free of drafts.

What is the purpose of the “pad attachment system”? And how do you use it?

The Solo Quilt’s pad attachment system is simple to use. 1.) Slip the two elastic webbing over your sleeping pad – position them where the toggles that are attached to the sides of quilt will be when laid down on the sleeping pad. 2.) Attach the toggles into slots in the elastic webbing

What is the advantage of synthetic insulation over down insulation?

Synthetic insulation is best suited for wet and humid hiking environments. It does not clump when it gets wet and it dries easily compared to down insulation. 

The synthetic insulation we are using for the Solo Quilt is Climashield® APEX. This innovative insulation is the lightest weight and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today. It provides continuous warmth and comfort in moderate to subzero temperatures and packs small for every adventure.

What is vapor barrier liner or vbl? And why do you use it on the Solo Quilt?

A vapor barrier is any material that has the ability to slow down the migration of water vapor. This technology is used in liners for clothing, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear – to protect the insulation from both “sensible” and “insensible” sweat. In hiking environments that makes it hard to dry out your insulation, it’s imperative that you keep your insulation dry and protected from moisture. Otherwise, you’ll have a damp and useless insulation.

Solo Quilt v4.0

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