About Blue Bolt


Your outdoor explorations shouldn’t be compromised by gear filled with marketing hype only to fail where it matters the most – out in the field with you exposed to the elements. With the proper understanding of how things actually work, you’ll be empowered to think critically and be on your way to independence.

That’s where we come in. We make outdoor gear without the hype for people who want to push their limits just like you.

Our team is united with our passion to nurture the love for the environment and promote intellectual independence through the outdoor experience. We believe that good things can only come with collaboration so we strive to be agile and quick to adapt based on users’ feedback.

Your success is our fuel.

Our story

From DIY to world-class production

Most of us have experienced being disappointed with the gear that’s available in the market, but only a few of us would decide to take on the challenge of making their own gear and in the process create innovative products.

Huzefa started making his own vapor barrier outdoor quilt in 2012 as a “make your own gear” project for his mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas with countless hours spent on research, going through several design iterations and testing them out on expeditions.

In 2019, confident with the value the quilt he had designed he decided to offer to make a quilt for others. A diverse set of adventurers took him up on his offer. One, Peter Van Geit, took the quilt on his 4-month trans Himalayan 2019 expedition where the quilt was subjected to no-holds barred testing in various terrains and weather situations.

Peter Van Geit on his trans-Himalayan expedition

The encouraging feedback from these early adopters encouraged Huzefa to offer this ultralight outdoor quilt for everyone.

Now, we’re expanding beyond quilts. We’re working on an outdoor mitten with designs aimed to increase its dexterity without losing its warmth. We’ve also started venturing into ultralight shelters – our first product is a hybrid of a bivy and a tent. This bivy tent came about from a need of another bold adventurer who wanted lightweight but reliable gear in her pack.

Blue” represents our home, the blue planet Earth. 🌎🌏🌍

Bolt” ⚡ represents ideas of enlightenment – freedom to think, speak and act without the use force by governments or individuals.

Together, these words speak of “Living fully and making our world a better place through Innovation.”

This is not just our brand name, this is our guiding principle.

Huzefa Siamwala, founder and head of product design, Blue Bolt

Our mission

To enable, through innovation and collaboration, all types of adventurers build a deeper relationship to the natural world and to themselves.

Our mission driven by our core values of self-sufficiency and empowerment, genuine connections, and open-mindedness. We believe these values make outdoor adventures a life-changing and a life-affirming experience.

Self-sufficiency and Empowerment

We want to empower everyone to be independent explorers – people who are willing to go to new places and are open to pushing themselves, learning and improving as they go.


Opening our minds and combining our different backgrounds, experiences, world views and expertise make us savvier problem solvers and drive better results.

Genuine connections

More important is our presence in the wilds: how we carry ourselves, how softly we move upon the landscape, how aware we are of the patterns of life around us and how we interact with them… I and many others both present and past refer to it as the Connection. It is a bridging of the gap between human and nature, a bringing together for a greater awareness and deeper understanding – of the natural world around us in all its glory, of our relationship with that world, and of our own inner nature.

Ray Jardine, “Beyond Backpacking”

This quote inspires us to always be thinking of the bigger picture – to experience life-changing and life-affirming adventures first. The gear we make is just a means to that end.

Our responsibility

We are committed to designing long-lasting, reliable gear for your outdoor adventures.

Even if we’re a small company, we are committed to manufacturing processes that are both ethical and environmentally-conscious. We do our due diligence to make sure that we are not engaged or complicit in exploitation of people whether through forced labour, servitude, child labour or trafficking.

Every step of the way, we choose stronger fabrics, cleaner chemicals, and recycled materials, when possible, to minimize our footprint and lengthen the life of our products.

Our guarantee

We are confident that our products will live up to their promise.

There’s really only one way to test how a product truly performs – by using it. So use our products outside – a lot.

If the product does not perform as expected, we will make it right and gladly exchange the product or refund your purchase within 60 days of receipt.

Meet the team

We are motivated by self-sufficiency, life-changing and life-affirming adventures, and long-lasting connections. We seek to change the world by empowering you to push beyond your comfort zone and beyond the superficial status-quo. We do this by challenging our own selves, working hard and sharing our passion to the world.