Get the best sleeping experience even in wet and freezing conditions

Introducing Blue Bolt synthetic quilts — for the most restful sleep you'll ever have in the great outdoors.

What sets this quilt apart from mainstream sleeping bags?

• Dual internal and external moisture barrier keeps insulation dry and warm

• Insulates the head and stops cold drafts

• Bivy like protection from wind and moisture, quick drying

• Lighter, less bulky, longer life and machine washable

• Sleep restfully in any position (perfect for back, stomach and side sleepers)

• Cruelty-free high-performance insulation (no down used)

Rated for comfort (not survival) with incredible warmth-to-weight ratio

Comfort ratings of -5°F, 10°F, 25°F and 40°F

For the 25°F (-4°C) temperature rating, weight comes to 23oz (650g) for solo quilt and 32oz (900g) for 2-person.

Peter Van Geit

solo hiking with the Blue Bolt quilt

3000+km / 120 passes

in the Himalayas

Field tested over 3000kms / 120 passes in the High Himalayas

I completed a 4 month exploration / alpine style / minimalist / ultra hike across 120 passes in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh (Indian Himalayas) and had a very positive experience in using the Blue Bolt solo quilt.

It's is super light and comfortable even while sleeping at near zero temperatures. I did not carry a tent and was mostly sleeping in the open with just the quilt and basic Decathlon Quecha sleeping mat. I only used a lightweight bivy in case of rains and cold winds in which the quilt again was providing comfort and warmth from 1000 to 5000 meters altitude.

The quilt never had any condensation and easily dries when wet. When sleeping in the open it nicely cuts the cold wind. One of the best items in my minimalist gear set this year!

Peter Van Geit, wilderness explorer, ultra-runner, mountain biker, open water swimmer | completed 4 months solo hike in Himalayas (

Anatomy of a Blue Bolt quilt

Water-resistant. Windproof. Cozy warm. Super light.

2-person and solo sleeping gear made by combining the science of keeping warm with the best man-made and cruelty-free materials.

2-person or solo | 5°F, 10°F, 25°F, 40°F (comfort ratings) | 10D fabrics | Climashield® Apex insulation | zippered or sewn foot box | VB or breathable inner | custom sizes and colors | comes with water-resistant stuff sack and cotton storage sack

Start getting restful sleep to take your outdoor adventures to the next level

2-person (because sharing is caring, share your warmth)

Temperature rating: 25°F (-4°C)

Weight: 32oz (900g)

Price: $249

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Solo (for the restless lone-wolf adventurer that is you)

Temperature rating: 25°F (-4°C)

Weight: 23oz (650g)

Price: $199

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Your purchase comes with risk-free 60-day trial period. If this quilt lets you down, we'll give you your money back.

Yes, seriously.

The thinking behind the Blue Bolt quilts

No loft = No warmth

🤔 Do you know that the sleeping bag compressed under you gives zero insulation and, thus, zero warmth? 

☑️ We cut off this useless back side of the bag to make it lighter and take less space in your pack.

Sleep whichever way you want

😴 Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers — rejoice! You don't have to sleep like a MUMMY anymore.

☑️ For you to experience full freedom of movement without restrictions and cold drafts, we designed a quilt with a wide girth and a draft stopper.

Cold Weather Performance

💡 Innovative features that conventional quilts don't have.

☑️ With extra length to keep your head warm, anatomical shape that cocoons your body and 3D sewn foot box for maximum warmth.

Wait, there's more... design and materials both matter

What's better than down?

👍 Superior synthetic insulation that's cruelty-free.

☑️ Climashield® insulation innovation offer superior insulating and quick drying performance in wet condition compared to goose or duck down. No animals harmed to keep you warm.

Bivy-level protection built in

🌧️ 10D ripstop shell that is durable, windproof and incredibly water-resistant.

☑️ Fancy sleeping in the open under the clear skies? You can without worrying about getting your bag wet or feeling the windchill. (For stormy weather, you should still sleep under a shelter 🏕️😉 though.)

Vapor barrier technology

😴 10D VB inner with breathable draft stopper to prevent that clammy feeling.

☑️ Hike in the wet, humid and freezing cold conditions found in places such as Alaska, the PNW, Scandinavia, and the Himalayas, and be confident that you'll get a good night sleep.

Early users speak

★★★★★ An ultralight alternative that rocks!

The quilt is a perfect companion for my solo treks. I used it for 10 days during my trek in Laddakh and camped at altitudes ranging from 4000 meters to 4750 meters. The quilt is ultralight (weighs 650 grams), extremely comfortable as compared to sleeping bags and can withstand temperatures of -5 degrees easily. It kept me comfortable even while camping at 4750 meters with a basic mat below my back.

Amit Tiwary, solo hiker

★★★★★ Best in Quality

Being into adventure sports, i always want my kit to be as light as possible and compact. This quilt perfectly fits according to my needs. Have used it quite a few times, the quality is very good . It is very difficult to find such good products in india at low cost.
Huzefa is very good in his work. Just tell him your requirements and he will deliver you the best product.

Jatin Singh, hike-n-fly pilot

The BLUE BOLT Project: Accelerating SELF-sufficient adventures in the Himalayas

⛰️ Our Mission: Build world-class innovative lightweight gear to accelerate transition to low-impact self-sufficient trekking and mountaineering adventures in the Himalayas and the rest of the world.

⛺ Our Vision: Nurture the love for the environment and promote intellectual independence through outdoor experience.