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At Blue Bolt, we tackle classic problems, faced by outdoor enthusiasts, with innovative solutions.

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Blue Bolt
Custom Quilts

A restful night’s sleep matters, especially when you push your limits outdoors.

What stands in the way, is your conventional sleeping system, which breaks down, when put to the test in cold and wet conditions. Insulation clumps and loses its thermal performance when it gets wet and you endure cold and damp spots.

But we’ve got an alternative to that.

Our quilts is the sleeping solution you can really trust to keep you warm and comfortable in cold and wet conditions.

Price starting at $200
for 45°F (7°C) — wt. 14.1 oz (400 grams)
Product page coming soon
Price starting at $250
for 45°F (7°C) — wt. 21 oz (595 grams)

The lightest outdoor shelter at 15.5 oz (440 gm)

Blue Bolt

A super light solo shelter with vestibule, full storm and bug protection for mountaineering and fastpacking.

Official product page coming soon.

Available for pre-orders. Contact us for inquiries.

Warm, dexterous and weatherproof

Blue Bolt
Yeti Mitts

Like getting the hands of a Yeti — warm and toasty in the harshest conditions. Yet nimble and dexterous.

You’ll never have to trade off dexterity for warmth OR warmth for dexterity. You and your hands both win.

Launching soon on Kickstarter.


Huzefa S.
chief gear designer
Steph R.
all-round support

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Our core values are self-sufficiency and empowerment, genuine connections, and open-mindedness. We believe these values make outdoor adventures a life-changing and a life-affirming experience.

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