Yeti Mitts


Designed by Himalayan mountaineer for warmth and functionality for upto -20C temperature. Ideal for mountaineers and high altitude hikers.

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Yeti Mitts Size Guide


  • “Hands” are no longer cold! Uses USA military insulation material. Customizable for variable mountain weather and conditions.
  • “Hands” are too comfortable! Windproof, moisture-proof, waterproof. The mittens can be folded back so you can use your fingers. Comes with a wipe to wipe goggles.
  • Ideal for cold adventures and winter outdoor activities such as snow mountain climbing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and touring.


  • Uses USA Military Insulation to keep your hands down to -20c.
  • Built in Hand warmer pocket for extra warmth boost on summit night.
  • Front zippers and fold back thumbs give you instant access to your fingers for any task requiring dexterity.
  • Silicone leather palms give grip and durability for rappeling and outdoor tasks.
  • Modular design keep you comfortable in changing weather conditions
  • Seam sealed waterproof overmitts means can rely on the mitts to stay dry.
  • 3D Curved Box construction for comfort
  • Comes with hand leash so you never lose your mitts in wind.
  • No animal products. 100% vegan.

Materials / Tech Specs

Layer 1:
Insulation – 170 GSM Climashield Apex Insulation
Liner – 15D Polyester Ripstop with Vapor Barrier
Shell – 70D Nylon with DWR

Layer 2:
Leather – Silicone Leather (PVC, PU free)
Shell – 200D Ripstop Nylon

Layer 1 (insulation) weight (pair) → 125 g
Layer 2 (waterproof) weight (pair) → 90 g

Yeti Mitts

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