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Introducing the world’s lightest, most compact 4 season solo tent!
A super light solo shelter weighing only 520gms (1.15 lbs.) which packs at 1.5L & you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

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Why is the Bivy tent the perfect shelter for you!


A revolutionary product in the field of outdoor gear

  • Weighs only 520g (1.15 lb) & packs to 1.5L (50 oz)
  • Tested in the Himalayan harsh conditions for years
  • Pitches under 2 mins with your hiking pole
  • Vestibule space for your backpack and footwear
  • Front, rear & top mesh vents for cross-ventilation

Undoubtedly Blue Bolt Bivy Tent Solo is unique & a masterpiece in its design & performance. We are sure it’s going to change the way DIY trekking and solo camping.

Incredibly Compact

Fits in the palm of your hand

1.5L pack size including pegs and carbon fiber poles which makes it as small as your water bottle. Fits perfectly in your water bottle pouch (Pouch sitting in the water bottle holder).

An unconventional approach

Problems with the conventional Tent & Bivy

Conventional tents are spacious but too heavy and bulky for fast hiking.

Bivies are light and pack small but lack vestibule and feel claustrophobic making them unsuitable for waiting out bad weather.

Our Bivy tent fills the gap and meets in the middle, it is super lightweight and very compact, it does not slow you down and gives you the comfortable shelter you need in extreme weather conditions.


Roomy for the solo minimalist adventurer

A space not just for sleeping, enough room to sit inside, read, write, cook, change clothes in bad weather. Even the side sleepers get the room they need.


Protect your things & cook when required

Traditional Bivies lack space to keep your things like a rucksack, shoes, etc., and are exposed without protection.
We’ve come with a solution for this and added a spacious vestibule system, not just to keep your backpack and shoes but for cooking in bad weather.

Geometry & ventilation system

Tent geometry suitable for high altitude conditions

The geometrically designed pyramid-type shape is extremely aerodynamic and does not allow any snow to accumulate on the top, The anchor points and the poles make it rock hard even in high winds.

Triple ventilation system

Specially designed front and back mesh for cross ventilation to avoid condensation.

More Features


Bivy got a pocket and you can put your goggles, sports watch, or any gadgets instead of throwing it on the corners & finding it on your back in the middle of the night.

Headlight attachment

Misplacing the headlight & searching in the middle of the night is stressful, so we’ve got the headlight attachment too, It’s placed in the right corner & works as your bedroom light.

The Designer

Blue Bolt

Blue Bolt is India’s first ultralight outdoor gear manufacturer making advanced gear for fast hiking and mountaineering in the Himalayas. Founded and directed by Huzefa Siamwala, the mission is simply to create very best outdoor gear products which will add help with lightening the backpack weight and perform reliable in extreme weather conditions.

Material and Construction


Windproof, Waterproof & Fungus resistant

  • Custom made 15D ripstop polyester
  • Silicone coating on the outside and PE coating inside makes the fabric waterproof to 4000mm
  • Polyester fiber makes the fabric more resistant to fungus
  • Polyester fiber does not absorb water like nylon so it stays tensioned, strong even in the rains, and dries even quicker than nylon
  • Polyester is excellent for UV degradation resistance which makes the tent last longer unlike nylon

Ventilation fabric:

  • 20D ripstop nylon- with DWR finish makes the fabric breathable but highly water-resistant.
  • 20D ripstop nylon mesh- C6 DWR coating adds up the water-resistant capability even more


300D Hyper D Nylon: Incredibly abrasion resistance and highly tear-resistant gives that extra protection where required.
1000D Cordura: One of the world’s strongest and most abrasion resistance fabrics specially used to handle the tension of carbon fiber poles.


Seam tape

All the seams of the bivy tent are seam taped, this makes the tent 100% waterproof.


All the plastic parts are gathered from around the Earth, these parts are top-of-the-line products. Each trim is tested to its limit then used in the bivy tent.

Carbon fiber poles

Carbon fiber is used in space technology and is very famous for its strength to weight ratio, it is used to keep the foot area of your tent stable. Two of the 50cm poles are divided into 8 small parts so they can fit in your tent pouch.


Every detail matters

We take pride in making a beautifully hand-crafted high-quality product.

  • Sewing is done carefully by finely skilled tailors with a high level of attention to every small detail.
  • We use only the best quality components from some of the best companies in the world. The fabric is custom made, zippers come from YKK, thread from Gutterman, and needles from Groz Bekhert.
  • The smallest size 9 needles are used to ensure that the needles holes are as tiny as possible.
  • Poly core industrial thread for strong, long-lasting, and even seams.

Technical Specs

Bivy Tent Dimensions

Front Length – 80.24 Inches
Floor width front, from the middle – 38 Inches
Floor width back – 24 Inches
Internal height for sitting – 40.25 Inches
Vestibule Length – 62.5 Inches
Vestibule width – 43.11 Inches

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Shalini Sharma
Best master piece for the world of outdoors

I have tested bivy both in The Himalayas and Sahyadri's and it has turned out to be one of the best gear of the outdoor industry, be it surviving the harsh winter conditions in The Himalayas or an easy to use in the Sahyadris without trek poles just like a sleeping bag. The condensation part played the most important role for me here in this gear due to the vents which are present both at the front and rear section. Also, the bivy provides enough room space to perform activities while one can sit inside comfortably such as cooking (space from front section helps to cook easily), reading, writing etc. You can keep you bag pack, shoes and other gears outside easily wherein other similar products fail to do so. Have used it on glaciers, soft snow and rugged terrain along with crazy winds and it turned out to be the best. The most important part about this bivy is its weight. Generally a normal tent weighs 2-2.5kgs. But this hardly weighs in grams which makes an alpine style hiking so easier and faster.


What is the weight of the Bivy tent?

Just the tent weighs around 440gms excluding Carbon fiber poles and pegs, The whole combination is at 530gms

Is it a 3 season or a 4 season tent?

Our Bivy tent is a single wall 4 season tent, this tent can easily be used in high snow, rain, and wind conditions.

What are the things I require for pitching up the Bivy tent?

You’ll need the tent, CF poles x2 (provided), pegs x6 (provided), hiking poles x2 (not provided).

Will there be any condensation in the Bivy tent?

The Bivy tent is a single wall tent and condensation in a single wall tent is inevitable, but due to the well-designed ventilation system.

How can I avoid condensation?

One can avoid severe condensation if the tent is pitched properly to the wind direction & the weather is right.

How to clean the Bivy tent?

If the tent is not very dirty you can just wipe the whole body from the outside and inside, if it’s very dirty you can hand/machine wash with non-detergent soap and Do not machine dry.

How long will my tent last?

Here is a list of things that you can do to extend the lifetime of your Bivy tent:

  • Try to avoid packing the tent when it is still wet or stocked with dirty things
  • For long-term use, keep your tent in a dry and cool area, out of direct sunlight
  • Store it outside of its stuff sack, as you would a sleeping bag, in a breathable, oversized cotton or mesh duffel for protection
  • Use a Groundsheet every time to prevent any holes in the tent

What if the tent gets damaged?

  • For a small hole, a repair patch works the best they are fairly cheap as well
  • If there’s a big tear then contact us for repair
  • If the guylines need to be replaced you can contact us and we can help you re-do the guylines properly.

What size of the sleeping pad is compatible with the Bivy tent?

The foot area of the tent is 24 inches wide so any sleeping pad with a width of 20 inches can be easily used inside the Bivy tent.

Bivy Tent

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