Refill screw-top gas canisters safely and save fuel cost

Popular gas canisters found in India are either Lindal Valve Screw which is used for backpacking stoves or Cassette Gas canister that is commonly use on portable heater and chinese stove.

For most mountaineers here, they still prefer to use Lindal Valve Screw stove. The reasons are

  1. they are easier to setup
  2. they burn better in high attitude and
  3. they can be packed together with cook sets

However these Lindal Valve Screw stove canister do not come cheap – the cheapest which is 230g is around Rs 450. But the Cassette Gas canister at 250g can cost only Rs 150. To use the Cassette Gas canister would be cheaper.

An ideal solution to this problem will be to transfer Cassette Gas canister contents into Lindal Valve Screw canister.

By using the correct refill gas, valve adapter and method, it is safe, cheap and easy to refill camping gas canister.

For refill gas, you have 3 options:

  • Normal cassette type canister with 2% Propane – Safe Buy on
  • High pressure cassette type canister with 15% Propane – Safe and Recommended Buy on
  • LPG household gas with 40% to 60% Propane – Not safe

Word of caution against household LPG:
Gas canister filled with household LPG can explode at high altitude. Gas canister is designed for max 30% propane while household LPG has 40-60% propane (varies). Propane expands at high altitude and heat. Hiking with canister in the backpack in sun at high altitude poses SERIOUS THREAT.
On the other hand, refilling with Butane cassette type canisters is safe because it has only max 15% propane.

Gas refill adapter

  • Hand made from Copper.
  • Unit is approximately 12mm diameter by 18mm long.
  • Weighs 5g
  • Enables you to refill your gas canister in a similar fashion that you would a gas cigarette lighter.
  • Price Rs 300 FREE SHIPPING
  • To order – WhatsApp 08928807072

With this device you can refill the lindal screw type gas canisters that are very popular with hiking and camping from the cheap butane cassette type canisters normally used in small portable heaters and Chinese type cooking stoves, which cost around Rs 150 each so you can save quite a bit of money by refilling.

1) Save fuel cost – save Rs 300 per canister
2) Find refill fuel online on and outdoor gear shops
3) Works good at high altitude
4) Refill valve is lightweight and small to carry.

1) Need to buy a refill valve adaptor.
2) Need to follow correct method to prevent overfilling

Correct method

Guidelines for use below (will post photos later)
1) Weigh unused full butane canister and write with felt-tip on the base.
2) Place empty canister to be refilled in freezer for approx. half hour or overnight.
3) Remove canister from freezer and place adapter onto the canister.
4) Take your new full cassette canister and insert into adapter.
5) Push canister firmly down for 10-15 seconds at a time, checking each time the weight of the canister until it matches the original weight written on the base.

Important Notes:
1)If you exceed the original weight of the canister you can expel the excess gas by turning the canister upside down, facing towards the floor, and push the adaptor in by hand, then check weight.

2)This is very important as exceeding the original weight of the gas in the canister, reduces the amount of space within the canister for the gas to expand. Failure to do this will mean the stove will spit out liquid gas during use until the pressure in the canister is reduced sufficiently.

3)After you have refilled the canister it is always good safety practice to check the seal on the canister for no leaks.
Only refill your canisters in a well ventilated area, i.e. outdoors.

To order, WhatsApp 08928807072.



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