Product Care & Repairs


How do I wash my quilt?

Hand washing your quilt with cold water and using a mild detergent-free, fragrance-free soap is best for extending its life, but it can also be cleaned in a front-load washing machine, or a washing machine without an agitator. Follow these instructions:

  1. If the gear is soiled or stained, use the recommended amount of Grangers Down Wash + Repel. Do not use detergent, fabric softener, bleach, or stain removal products.
  2. Wash the quilt by itself using a gentle, cold water setting.
  3. Hang to dry, or use the delicate, no heat, tumble setting on the dryer. Do not stuff back in stuff sack damp or wet.

How do I store my quilt?

  • Dry it out. Never store your quilt even slightly damp, mold or mildew can form.
  • Never store your bag compressed. It will lessen the loft overtime. Instead, use the large cotton bag it came with.


How can I repair a tear on my quilt?

It’s easy to fix torn, ultralight gear with one of several patch materials out there.

One good choice is Gear Aid’s Tenacious Tape. It’s a tough but lightweight material with a super-sticky adhesive backing that can fix holes and tears in nearly any material. Simply cut to desired size, remove backing and apply to surface with pressure.


We take full responsibility of the products we create from cradle to grave. We want to avoid Blue Bolt products in landfills or in the dark corners of attics at all costs.

If a product has reached the end of its lifecycle, you can either send your gear back to us to recycle, or give it new life yourself in creative ways.

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