Freedom quilt

Blue Bolt 2-person and solo sleeping quilts (patent pending) are lightweight high-performance gear for outdoor enthusiasts needing reliable warmth in tough, wet conditions

  • Innovative hybrid design
  • Cutting edge 10D fabrics
  • Most technically advanced insulation
  • Exclusive Condensation-Barrier™ Technology
  • Field tested in the Himalayas

Blue Bolt quilts are lighter and less bulky for the same warmth compared to traditional mummy shape sleeping bags. The fully variable wide girth with draft-stopper offers complete freedom of movement without restrictions and cold drafts, which users find super comfortable. The feature pros love the most is the built-in Condensation-Barrier™ Technology which gives them total protection to sleep in the open under clear skies or under a shelter during a storm without getting their bag wet or feeling clammy.

Who uses quilts? Quilts have been tested by Ray Jardine - the pioneer of ultralight backpacking - in Greenland, South Pole, Vinson, Aconcagua, climbers such as Andy Kirkpatrick on Troll wall, Eiger in Winters, and ultra-runner Peter Van Geit on the 6-months Trans Himalayan solo trek