Piang Neru – West glacier of Deo Tibba


Base city: Manali
Start point: Chidiyari / Prini
End point: Chidiyari / Prini
Average duration: 3-5 days
Endurance difficulty: Easy
Route finding: Easy
Technical skill: None

Location: Deo Tibba west glacier – Piang Neru base camp
We first ventured into the wilderness here this year on a exploratory trek and we were stunned by the exquisite landscape of the region. The place is pristine and less frequented by other commercial companies. It offers unmatched opportunities for exploring huge boulders, rock faces, waterfalls, sprawling meadows, caves and stunning west wall of Deo Tibba. It has potential to be a training area for mountaineers as it possible to do rock climbing, ice climbing and explore several peaks.

Climbing Deo Tibba or Indrasan from this face would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Hence this trek escapes the attention of most climbers. The ice and rock wall protecting Deo Tibba is like a fortress and offers a sight must be seen.

Trail access: The trail starts from Chidiyari village in Manali. The village is 1.5km from Manali mall road and is accessible by road. One can reach by walking or an auto. Alternatively one can also start from Prini and take the road going to Jobri.

Route Information

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” kml=”http://bluebolt.in/wp-content/uploads/JobriPiangNeru.kml”]

Photos from May 2015



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