Solo Quilt v4.0

This is your reliable “sleeping partner” for those multi-day excursions in multi-range of temperatures and weather

Rated for comfort with incredible warmth-to-weight ratio. 


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Giving you better sleep outdoors since 2019

Blue Bolt Solo Quilt offers tested and proven improved cold and wet weather sleeping bag performance for better sleep outdoors. 

It is made with:

  • a weather-proof, seam-sealed, bivy-like outer shell,
  • a vapor barrier liner (vbl) and
  • the innovative Climashield®APEX insulation.

Using these materials, the insulation is protected from moisture and windchill, and your quilt maintains its thermal performance – keeping you warm and comfortable wherever you are, whatever the weather.

Why Choose the Solo Quilt?

Warmth you can trust

Your sleeping system is one of your primary safety net while deep in the backcountry. So you can be sure we take your warmth and your safety seriously.

Functional comfort

The quilt is designed to be comfortable for all types of sleeper.


We offer custom temperature ratings and sizing. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it made.

60-day return full refund

We want you to be completely happy with everything you purchase from us.

The quilt comes with:


  • For quilts (and also sleeping bags) to perform to their temperature rating, an appropriately-rated sleeping pad is necessary. The pad works to insulate you from the cold ground and preventing conductive heat loss.
  • Store your quilt uncompressed to preserve its loft. Hang the quilt up in a dry place where it can air out before returning it to its storage sack – clean and ready for your next adventure.

The new Blue Bolt Solo Quilt features a new color combo and several improvements – building on our comfort-rated UL custom solo quilts we have been making for thru-hikers, mountaineers and alpinists since 2019.

We worked with our fabric supplier to develop new 10D ripstop nylon bivy shell and vapor barrier liner fabrics with softer hand-feel for the most comfortable sleep.

Real Teal outer shell / Robin Egg Blue liner. We carefully chose this beautiful nature-inspired color combo for its soothing vibe.

Unlike buckles and regular toggles-based pad attachment system, our system minimizes bulky hardware between your back and the pad, for a non-obtrusive sleeping experience.

We made it better with stronger felled seams, a more compact size, easier to use no-strap compression system.

The Solo Quilt v4.0 features a DWR-coated outer shell with just one seam. It means that it is highly water-resistant already. With the seam sealing feature, your quilt now has the ultimate water resistance. Recommended for camping in snow or camping under a tarp.

Do note, however, that this quilt is not rated waterproof for direct exposure to heavy rains.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Solo Quilt v4.0

Solo Quilt, it’s doing its job

Solo Quilt is warm, cozy and rested. Draft free. Versatile. Quite Light .
I use it with a Neoair Xtherm wide, under 0° temps are just fine with this setup.
Can be stuffed for long periods without harming the insulating properties.


great support!

A winner even in harsh Himalayan winters.

I had my quilt custom made for - 20°C. I used it for a high altitude Himalayan winter climb this January and it fared well even at - 30°C at 5200mts at Mentok Kangri during winter with me having on my down jacket in it too. The hood on top really makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and trapping in body heat. The best part of it being made of synthetic materials is that even in winter time use where the worst problem a mountaineer faces is condensation and their sleeping bags getting damp, this quilt doesn't absorb water or moisture and get damp. The material dries up quickly. I've also used it in summer time camping as a regular blanket over me since I didn't require a - 20°C sleeping system and it fared well with such alternate use too. It's volume compactibility and light weight makes it a good choice for alpine climbs and regular camping. The best part I liked about Blue Bolts terms of service and customisation is that they even give you the option to add in a zip with a little extra added weight to your quilt if you really do feel you'd like it to function exactly as a sleeping bag does.

Really innovative synthetic quilt at a good price!

I have top-of-the-line down quilts (Katabatic and Feathered Friends) and sleepIng bags and I find the Blue Bolt Gear Custom Solo stacks up with them well on warmth and workmanship and surpasses them on several features simply not found in other outdoor sleeping systems.

The materials used and the unique VBL they have developed create something that stands out in the market. After several nights in the quilt I can confirm the VBL does not create a sweaty or clammy sensation and both inner and outer material are pleasing to touch and not quite like other offerings. I know of no other quilt with a hood either.

I think I have fount the perfect match for the cold and wet Pacific Northwest,

60-day return full refund guarantee

If you're not happy with your purchase,
let us know and we'll make it right.