Solo Quilt

Designed to keep you warm and comfortable in cold and wet conditions.


  • 45°F (7°C)
  • 25°F (-4°C)
  • 3D sewn
  • 3D zippered
  • Midnight blue / Burnt orange
  • S
  • M
  • L

Why choose the Blue Bolt quilt?

Warmth you can trust

Your sleeping system is one of your primary safety net while deep in the backcountry. So we take warmth seriously.

Functional comfort

The quilt is designed to be comfortable for all types of sleeper.


We offer custom temperature ratings and sizing. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it made.

90 day return full refund guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with everything you purchase from us.

Blue Bolt Solo Quilt is your reliable “sleeping partner” for those multi-day excursions in multi-range of temperatures and weather.

How do you get reliable warmth?

The quilt design and materials work together to prevent convective, radiative, and evaporative heat loss.

  • Insulation loft is protected from outer and inner moisture. Dry insulation = loft = warmth
  • Extra warmth without the added weight by using vapor barrier technology
  • Integrated hood keeps your head warm and protected from heat loss
  • Unique non sewn through design guarantees zero cold spots and bivy protection.
Comfort is the 2nd half of the equation for getting you that good night’s sleep essential for the next day activities.

With Blue Bolt quilts, you have the freedom to adjust your coverage as needed – ventilate on a hot night or bundle up to stay warm when the temperature drops.

  • Draft stopper protects you from incoming cold drafts
  • Pad attachment keeps you, your quilt and your pad together
  • Improved hood design works in any sleeping position

Thermally efficient design without sacrificing comfort – restless sleepers rejoice!

  • Roomy girth space allows you to move and adjust your sleeping position freely
  • Ample footbox space allows your tired feet to relax in a normal position
  • Soft liner fabric is comfortable to snuggle into
Why use Climashield® APEX synthetic insulation?

Because it is the lightest weight and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today.

  • Maintains reliable warmth even in wet and humid conditions
  • Dries up quickly when it gets damp
  • Continuous filament and even distribution means no quilting required, no cold spots, no clumping, no shifting.
  • Resilient under harsh conditions, holding its original shape after multiple uses or washing
Why use vapor barrier technology in the quilt liner?

Because it keeps your insulation dry and able to perform at its highest thermal efficiency in most challenging weather conditions.

How does vapor barrier liner work?

Vapor barrier liner (vbl) blocks both insensible (sweat that evaporates before it is perceived as moisture on the skin) and sensible sweat from getting in the insulation where it can condense and dampen it.

Added benefits to using vapor barrier liner:

  • Adds 5 – 10℉ to the base temperature rating by minimizing heat loss that happens through evaporation and minimizing convection heat loss through the fabric weave
  • Makes you more aware of your rate of perspiration thus helping you to thermoregulate better, avoiding unconscious overheating and profuse sweating which can cause dehydration the next day

Additional customization options available:

  • Breathable liner (instead of vbl)
  • Seam-sealed stitches for added water protection
The quilt comes with a compressible stuff sack, storage sack and pad attachment system.

Note: For quilts to perform well, an appropriately rated sleeping pad is necessary. The pad works to insulate you from the cold ground, preventing conductive heat loss.


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Really innovative synthetic quilt at a good price!
Ultralight innovation
Amazing quilt for my needs.
Bluebolt solo quilt tested over 3000km / 120 passes in the high Himalayas
An ultralight alternative that rocks!

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