BLUE BOLT Yeti Mitts

Made for the Himalayan mountaineer

BLUE BOLT Yeti Mitts 2-Layer

Made for the Himalayan mountaineer

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Note: The BLUE BOLT Yeti Mitts 2-Layer is named after the Yeti, a legendary ape-like beast said to inhabit the Himalayas. It is not associated with any other brands that use the name Yeti.

When exploring the Himalayas, you'll encounter a range of temperatures . . .

Conventional single layer insulated waterproof gloves fail in Himalayan expedition conditions because the temperature can vary drastically due to extreme altitude change.

They are either too warm in lower altitudes or not warm enough for very high altitudes.

Sweating inside the gloves compromises the insulation creating high risk for frostbite.

So we set out to design the ultimate modular mitts that adapts to changing altitudes while being super dexterous, durable, and weatherproof.

◼️ The key to this system is a non-insulated waterproof overmitts that can be combined with thin liner gloves for protection against wet and windy conditions.

This layer features tough and grippy Silicone leather suitable for rappelling.

◼️ When the temperature drops in the evening, put on your insulated mitts for superb warmth and quick access to your fingers for tasks around the camp. The built in vapor barrier prevents sweat from compromising the extra warm insulation.

Combined with waterproof shell and liner gloves, this system is good for the coldest days. 

◼️ On the summit day, when you start at 3am, put in hand warmers to keep your digits toasty as you’re making your way to the summit.

Layer 1 :
insulated mitts

Blue Bolt Yeti Mitts Layer 1 infographic

Layer 2 :
weather-proof over mitts

Blue Bolt Yeti Mitts Layer 2 infographic

For the Himalayan adventurer

From the base camp to summit – this system works from 10°C ( 50°F ) to -40°C ( -40°F )

What makes these Mitts even better

new next-generation materials

Silicone Leather

a sustainable alternative to animal leather made from 100% silicone

Silicone Nylon

made by saturating thin woven nylon fabric with liquid silicone from both sides

well thought-out design & features

Yeti Mitts custom fit

A proper fit is key to your hands staying warm and comfortable, and for maintaining your dexterity.

Designed and tested in the Himalayas


Climashield® APEX insulation

vapor barrier liner


fold-back flaps

next-generation silicone leather

weather protection

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