Yeti Mitts


  • Climashield® synthetic insulation 
  • vapor barrier technology
  • hand warmer pockets


  • fold-back flaps for fingers and thumbs 
  • next-generation Silicone leather


  • 100% water and windproof
  • seam-sealed stitching


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  • The BLUE BOLT Yeti Mitts is named after the Yeti, a legendary ape-like beast said to inhabit the Himalayas. It is not associated with any other brands that use the name Yeti.

Can mitts be both warm and dexterous?

With the BLUE BOLT YETI MITTS, they are!

You’ll never have to trade off dexterity for warmth OR warmth for dexterity. 

You and your hands both win!

Like getting the hands of a Yeti – warm and toasty in the harshest conditions, yet still nimble and dexterous.


Climashield® APEX insulation

vapor barrier liner


fold-back flaps

next-generation silicone leather patches

weather protection

For any cold-weather adventure

Combine with liner gloves and hand warmers – this system works from 10°C (50°F) to -40°C (-40°F)

Layer 1

insulated water-resistant mitts

Layer 2

weatherproof overmitts

What makes the YETI Mitts even better

new next-generation materials

Silicone Leather

a sustainable alternative to animal leather made from 100% silicone

Silicone Nylon

made by saturating thin woven nylon fabric with liquid silicone from both sides

well thought-out design & features

A proper fit is key to your hands staying warm and comfortable, and for maintaining your dexterity.

Design and tested in the Himalayas

Hi, I’m Huzefa. I'm a mountaineer and ½ of the team behind Blue Bolt Gear.

My quest to solve the classic problem of trading off dexterity for warmth started 8 years back when I made my first pair of outdoor mittens. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours on product research, development and field testing designs in my backyard – the Himalayas. 

4 prototypes later . . . I’ve finally found the solution by matching cutting-edge textile technology with the most user-focused design.

My partner and I are proud to launch the Yeti Mitts to the world – warmth, dexterity and weather protection in one convenient package.

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