Blue Bolt Solo Quilts

Anatomy of a Blue Bolt VBL Solo Quilt

What happens when you combine a super light bivy outer shella vapor barrier liner and the innovative Climashield®APEX insulation?

Your insulation is protected from moisture and maintains its thermal performance – keeping you warm and comfortable wherever you are, whatever the weather.

Rated for comfort with incredible warmth for weight ratio

Comfort temperature ratings of 40°F (4°C), 25°F (-4°C), 10°F (12°C) and 5°F (-20°C)

For the 25°F (-4°C) temp rating, weight comes to 23oz (650g).

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In 2019, our quilt went on a 3000 km epic adventure with...

A badass adventurer

I completed a 4-month exploration / alpine style / minimalist / ultra hike across 120 passes in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh (Indian Himalayas) and had a very positive experience in using the Blue Bolt solo quilt.

It's super light and comfortable even while sleeping at near zero temperatures. I did not carry a tent and was mostly sleeping in the open with just the quilt and basic Decathlon Quecha sleeping mat. I only used a lightweight bivy in case of rains and cold winds in which the quilt again was providing comfort and warmth from 1000 to 5000 meters altitude.

The quilt never had any condensation and easily dries when wet. When sleeping in the open, it nicely cuts the cold wind. One of the best items in my minimalist gear this year!
Peter Van Geit
Ultra runner, explorer, alpinist and minimalist

What stands in the way of a restful night’s sleep?

Conventional sleeping system can be uncomfortable, restrictive and breaks down when put to the test in cold and wet conditions.

Insulation clumps and loses its thermal performance when it gets wet and you endure cold and damp spots. 

Experienced cold weather adventurers know this and they use a combination of vapor barrier liner bag or vapor barrier clothing and a bivy to protect the insulation from both internal and external moisture. Yep, this system is heavy and uncomfortable. 

Mummy sleeping bags are restrictive and uncomfortable for restless side sleepers. Common backpacking quilts don’t have integrated hood, leaving your head exposed.

But we've got the alternative to all that...

The right design and the right materials
working together to give you
reliable warmth and functional comfort

The thinking behind the blue bolt quilts



Do you know that the sleeping bag compressed under you gives zero insulation and, thus, zero warmth?

We cut off this useless back section of the bag to make it lighter and take less space in your pack.


Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers – rejoice! You don’t have to sleep like a MUMMY anymore.

For you to experience full freedom of movement without restrictions and cold drafts, we designed a quilt with a wide girth and a draft stopper.


Innovative features that conventional quilts don’t have.

Extra length acts as an integrated hood to cover and keep your head warm, anatomical shape that cocoons your body and 3D sewn footbox for maximum warmth.



Innovative synthetic insulation that’s cruelty-free.

Climashield®APEX insulation offer superior insulating and quick-drying performance in wet conditions compared to goose or duck down.

No clumping, no cold spots. No feathered friends harmed to keep you warm.


10D ripstop outer shell that is durable, windproof and incredibly water-resistant.

Fancy sleeping out the open under the clear skies or under a tarp?

You can, without worrying about feeling the windchill or getting your bag wet.


10D non-breathable liner (vbl) with breathable draft stopper to prevent that dreaded clamminess feeling.

Hike in the wet, humid and freezing cold conditions found in places like Alaska, the PNW, Scandinavia and the Himalayas – and be confident that you’ll get a good night sleep.

How does vapor barrier liner (vbl) works?


What makes our quilts amazing

Reliable warmth

Your sleeping system, along with your shelter, is your primary safety net while deep in the backcountry. So warmth is something we take seriously.

We designed our quilts to keep their insulation dry, thus maintaining their loft and thus keeping you warm, reliably.

Functional comfort

Comfort is the second half of the equation for getting that essential good night’s sleep. We have designed the quilt to be comfortable for all types of sleeper.

Wider girth, 3D rectangular footbox, integrated hood, draft stopper, soft liner... all these to make you sleep like a baby outdoors.

Weather proof

Sleep inside a tent or inside a cave. Sleep outside on an open field. Under the stars or under a tree. On a snowy patch or a rocky ground. It's all good.

With our highly wind-resistant and DWR-coated outer shell and an integrated vapor barrier liner, we've got you protected.


60-day return full refund guarantee

If you're not happy with your purchase,
let us know and we'll make it right.