How to sleep under the stars?

Sleeping out in the open without a tent is my favorite way to camp. I love to look at the night sky and the stars, finding the Orion, Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper and the North star.

But sleeping in the open also has problems. The sleeping bag shell gets colder than the ambient air due to radiative heat loss. This results in frost and dew.

1) frost on the sleeping bag is from external moisture.
2) condensation in the sleeping bag is from internal moisture.

Due to frost and condensation, the sleeping bag can get damp and cold.

How to prevent sleeping bag from getting wet? You can avoid waking up in a damp and cold bag by choosing a bag that has the following features.

1) DWR outer shell - protects the bag from external frost
2) vapor barrier inner - protects the bag from internal condensation.
3) synthetic insulation - insulates even when wet and dries fast

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