A Blue Bolt quilt is like a sleeping bag without the back side. It has a footbox and a simple hood that keeps the head insulated.

I will share a few reasons why I make quilts.

1. Better sleep

Do you find mummy bags too restrictive? I do. I prefer the comforter at home where I can toss and turn how ever I want.

Why can’t we have the same comfort while camping?

I want everyone to experience full freedom of movement without restrictions and cold drafts while camping outdoors, so I designed a quilt with a foot box, a hood, draft stopper and a girth wider than other sleeping gear out there.

2. Lighter and more compact

No loft = no warmth. Do you know that the sleeping bag compressed under you gives zero insulation, and, thus, zero warmth?

After I understood this simple idea, I cut off the useless back side of the bag to make the sleeping bag lighter and take less space in my pack.

3. Cuddle with my partner

Why can’t I cuddle with my girlfriend while camping?  Now I can with Blue Bolt custom twosome quilt. 

4. Vapor barrier benefits without the clamminess

Blue Bolt quilts have integrated vapor barrier liner that keeps the internal moisture out of the insulation without that uncomfortable clammy feeling. This is possible due to the quilt design.



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