Tiny details improve quality

Do tiny details like how the fabric is cut, size of needle, thread quality, stitch type matter in the finished product? They do.

I take pride in making a beautifully hand-crafted high quality product. And what makes it high quality are not just the materials and the design but also the skilled construction.

The tiny details in construction make a big difference in the finished product and I am continuously trying to figure out how to improve.

A few such behind the scene tiny details which most customers will never know:

  • The pattern is cut with electric hot knife to prevent frayed edges and allow precise and fast cutting of slippery fabrics.
  • Smallest size 9 needles are used to ensure that the needles holes are as tiny as possible.
  • Poly core industrial thread for strong, long lasting and even seams.
  • No raw edges.
    • In the quilts, all edges are concealed within using rolled hemmed seams or inverted construction.
    • For compression sack, I use flat felled and french seams for high strength.



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