Trek Overview

Geepang Gath Glacial Lake

Details Base city: Manali Start point: Sissu, Lahaul End point: Sissu, Lahaul Average duration: 2-4 days Endurance difficulty: Easy Route finding: Easy Technical skill: None Location: Origin of Sissu Nala A turquoise gem specked with tiny icebergs,hidden away in an unknown valley, encased by barren rocky snow clad mountains.Enchanting its rare visitors by its pristine looks. Being…

Trek Overview

Piang Neru – West glacier of Deo Tibba

Details Base city: Manali Start point: Chidiyari / Prini End point: Chidiyari / Prini Average duration: 3-5 days Endurance difficulty: Easy Route finding: Easy Technical skill: None Location: Deo Tibba west glacier – Piang Neru base camp We first ventured into the wilderness here this year on a exploratory trek and we were stunned by the exquisite…


Trip planning and navigation

Most of the trekking in the Himalayas is on well established trails, used by shepherds, or on old travel routes, before roads were made. It is possible to trek without a guide if you prepare well. Let’s consider some tools which can help you get prepared for a trek.

Trip Reports

Friendship peak (5289m)

I have been doing treks on my own for years. No porters, cooks or even guides. There were times when I failed to achieve my goals. In all those treks, I realized that the weight of my pack was a major hindrance. Carrying all my gear myself, there have been times when I did expeditions with a 30-35 kg rucksack.

I was at home, planning some new projects when Huzefa called me to work on his new project in Manali. He named it Blue Bolt. The project focuses on training and trekking and climbing light in the mountains in the Alpine style of climbing. Huzefa had been working on the concept for the last five years. It looked like I’d found the solution to all my rucksack weight woes.

In Manali, I met old friends Praveen and Honey. Praveen is an old buddy with whom I’ve done mountaineering courses. Honey and I had worked together for a trekking company last year. The Blue Bolt project was getting a lot of old friends together to solve a problem which had plagued us all.

It was decided we would climb Friendship peak (5289m) as our first alpine ascent.